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I am not what I am; I am what I do with my hands – Louise Bourgeois

So true! Our hands are special! Man alone has hands.

Hands can build or destroy, compliment or insult, heal or hurt and communicate. It is the most importantly used organ in the life force of creativity in its myriad forms; be it in the creation of arts and crafts, writing literature or in the making of food or in the expressive dance forms etc. in the whole world.

So shouldn’t they rightly be called Incredible Hands?

Incredible Hands, is my blog predominantly dedicated to the to the amazingly breathtaking crafts and weaves created by hands from the different lands of the world.

This is the special place where I intend to make them come alive.

Through this blog I intend to bring together like-minded individuals who do genuinely appreciate,care and be concerned of giving an uplift to the dying crafts as well ensure a healthy survival of the living ones as well as those of the artisans.

The important rest will  include the local cuisines, other creative forms and everything inter-related .

Bouquets are all welcome….and brickbats too provided they are accompanied with remedial measures!


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